The process behind celebrity wigs

The expert craftsmen at confide with us that there is no special process involved for evolving a wig, as ordinary wig or celebrity wig. In the case of stage artists, cine artists, or TV show performers, the need for the hair-style is planned well ahead, when once the play is finalized. After fixing the artist who is going to perform the role, the exact measurements of the person’s scalp is designed on a Template and sent to
The Template details along with the specifications and stipulations, as required by the wearer of the wig are scrupulously followed, at all the manufacturing stages of the particular wig. In the case of celebrity wigs, special attention is being paid in making the wig in feather weight, using finest quality imported materials like French Lace, and hand-weaving the specified color, length and texture of human hair or excellently processed and bleached Remy Human Hair upon the lace.
Now you can also order celebrity wigs:

With more than 22 years of experience in the manufacture of hair replacement systems, and supplying super-quality celebrity wigs to assorted artists, celebrities, fashion and advertisement models, is the right source you can depend upon, for any system including celebrity wigs.
You need not have any doubts or apprehensions for selecting the splendidly perfect hair replacement system for men and chick-looking women’s wigs. Just visit and you will get all the education, tips and guidance for coming to the right decision, with regard to the hair system you need.
If you want to get a super-fine celebrity wig, the inside tip is you go for lace-based wigs – either full base for men or front-lace wigs for women. In the women’s wigs, you get lots and lots of variations like long wavy brown; long straight black or blonde; European style short and black; or medium brown as the case may be.
Best part is in these high-quality lace-based celebrity wigs, the hair strands are tied to the skin-like lace, which sits snugly and comfortably over the scalp and hair follicles are allowed more air-flow. You can do whatever hair-style imitating your fancied film star; or ladies hair-do the way the world-famous fashion model does. Choice is yours!

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Prevalent Myths About Hair System For Men Are Baseless – Discard Them!

The awareness about hair system for men, previously known as Wigs is yet to get momentum. The moment somebody mentions that hair systems are the best solutions, to help overcome the mental worries of hair loss sufferers and men with premature baldness, there emerges a notion that the idea is somewhat far-fetched.
This is because of the baseless myths surrounding the handy equipment called hair system for men. All these myths get shattered, once you understand the explanations offered by the experts of – easily the premier hair replacement systems manufacturers online.
General myths prevailing among people:
All over the world, there are millions of people suffering inwardly about the non-existence of proper hair over their scalp. The extent of vacant portion without hair, at an age when they need to be active and mingle with society to meet their commitments, is varying from person to person.
Some people inherit baldness from their fathers; some suffer insufficient hair growth due to malfunctioning of body metabolism; and some others lose big volumes of hair from their scalp after some illnesses etc. Whatever the reason, the suffering is one and the same that their head looks abnormal and different from others; and by this shabby appearance, these persons feel shy for showing their head in public.
The hairless portion of the head may exist at the crown, front side, other sides and back of the head, with only abysmal hair-growth at the bottom of the scalp. This makes the covering of these portions with re-growth of natural hair next to impossible. Yet many people without sufficient knowledge about body metabolism, hormone functions and similar other scientific facts about hair-growth believe that by using effective medicines, hair-oils and creams, they can succeed in re-growing hair on adult heads.
There cannot be a misconceived-myth likes this, for the simple reason if there is such hair-oil or lotion or medicine for growing hair on adult-head, the same would have been immensely popular by this time all over the world.

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The benefits of using lace wigs

Lace wigs are considered as the most expensive wig as this has a unique identity. These wigs will always give you a realistic look. These wigs are considered as the most durable as the glue that is used for this wig make this wig just perfect. This is the main difference of this wig with other normal wigs those are available in the market. If you are thinking whether you can use this wig during your normal daily routine or not then it can be said that these wigs are the most durable wigs. We can bathe or we can carry on various fitness training programs wearing these wigs. We can do swimming too by wearing these wigs. In most of the cases it has been observed that normal wigs will not allow us to bathe or do swimming.

Here you must be interested to know more about the benefits of using Full lace wigs. Let us have a look at the wide range of advantages that we can have by wearing these wigs.

Wearing wigs can be considered as the best treatments if you are having any hair issues. These wigs are appropriate for men women and for young girls too. It can conceal the hair of those who have receding hair lines.   Women, who are of older age and are facing various hair issues, are not relaxed revealing their hair in front of the public, they just need to try lace wigs to become confident while they go outside. These wigs are able to conceal the hair problems of people of any age. 
Lace wigs are lightweight and hence are convenient too. Again, in normal cases you will observe that while you wear a wig it takes lots of time. But, for lace wigs, you can save your valuable times.  So, this wigs are just appropriate for those persons who are busy in their daily office works.   You may be a business person or a student or carrying on a profession in the fashion world. So you will have lack to time and you need to wear those wigs which will take less time of you. Hence less wigs are just perfect for you.
Many women love to do different hair style and lace wig can give them that opportunity to do different hairstyles. They can do it in an easy way. So, if you want to have a changed look attending any party then you must wear lace wigs. Along with different hair styles, you can also use lace wigs of different texture.
It is observed that we cannot manage our hair properly and can not do the styles as we want. Hence, you need to depend on something special and you can definitely try for lace wigs. These wigs are the most durable ad easy to handle. So, you should choose a nice looking lace wig which can suit to you.  Lace wigs are made those persons who cannot do different hairstyles with their own hair. Lace wigs can help us in this regard to do different hairstyles conveniently.
We generally use wigs to do different hairstyles and to hide thin hair problems within us. However, some women choose to use hair wigs for giving their own hair a mask or protection. If you wear a wig and go outside then your hair can remain well protected. Lace wigs are just perfect for protecting your original hair. If your hair is damaged from excess heat, or coloring etc then wearing a lace wig can keep your hair perfectly all right. Chilled weather can also make the original hair dry. So to get rid of the dryness during the cold we can wear lace wigs.
So, from the above details it has become clear to us that not only the women facing baldness problems can wear a wig, but also we all can try lace wigs to give our natural hair a proper protection. Hence, you are suggested to buy the best lace wigs to give a protection to your hair and also do different hairstyles.

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Forget Your Baldness – Here is Super-Quality Men’s Toupee to Overcome Your Problem!

Yes-that is right. Don’t get disheartened that your premature baldness kills your morale. Whenever you come freely mingling with people, you get that nagging doubt always lurking in your mind, whether they are laughing about you behind your back. This is an unwanted worry you can get rid of very easily, by using a custom-made or exclusively designed men’s toupee for you, by the world-renowned craftsmen of

Know more about men’s toupee:

Before going further as how men’s toupee will solve your problem, you must understand what is meant by a toupee. Right from the early centuries men had the same problem of hair loss and premature baldness. Baldness if it comes at the age of 60 plus is acceptable. But what if a man of 25 to 30 years looks like an old man, without hair upon his scalp?

Naturally this is the age when the youth of the person is in full-bloom. He must have many desires, ambitions and goals in life to achieve, at this budding age. Also this is the age when any person will have great romantic feelings and wish to harness the all-around appreciation from the other sex. With half of the head being empty without hair, all those romantic dreams get crushed.

So in order to overcome this social bias, men resorted to wearing a wig (which was in those days identified with the name toupee) on their scalp. Julius Caesar was the shining example in history for this. The same practice continued for generations first by wealthy people in the society like Kings, Princes and Nobles because of the high-cost involved in preparing a toupee.

In the previous decades from now, the prevalence of the habit of wearing wigs spread among common people as well. But the main problem found in these wigs was people had to wear a full-size wig, even if the baldness is partial and there is naturally grown hair on the sides and back of the neck. In 80% of cases of premature baldness, people had only partial baldness.

In order to overcome this discomfort, the need for hair-pieces to conceal only the empty-portions of the scalp, instead of full-size wigs arose in great proportions. That is how the Wig Manufacturers like upgraded their manufacturing technology, for producing men’s toupees with excellent quality craftsmanship, exact to the measurements, specifications and stipulations of the men’s toupee ordered with them.

Custom made men’s toupees:

Many people do not know the difference of men’s toupee from a full-fledged wig. If you visit the Men’s Toupee page of, you will understand from the assorted photographs published, as to how many varieties are there in men’s toupee.

Here you can see the Base design can vary according to the usage of the men’s toupee by the end-user, to wear them to cover full-baldness; partial baldness; front-side vacant portion; crown, sides or back portion or whatever. Similarly the base-size, hair color, hair density; hair direction, hair-length, hair type and hair color can vary vastly according to the wishes of the user.

These hairpieces are also known as stock hair systems made by hand with 100% human hair. By closely inspecting these men’s hair toupee varieties, surely you can get one that will fulfill your requirements squarely in all aspects.

Exhaustive guidance for your selection:

As experienced men’s toupee manufacturers for over 2 decades, rises to the expectations of the online consumers readily. They know very well the doubts, anxieties and apprehensions the customer might have while selecting and ordering a perfect men’s hair toupee from them.

Especially in the case of first time users, the predominant doubt they have is about the perfect-fitting of the men’s hair toupee on their head, and its suitability to cover the portions of the scalp they want to cover. In order to allay this apprehension, has published extensive details as to how the consumer like you can take the measurements of the head, the exact portions of baldness to be covered, and the color of the natural hair grown in your head etc.

This process of taking measurements and drawing a template is illustrated in 35 steps – each step with a photograph without any ambiguity – to understand the measurement process. You can easily understand this process to take all measurements accurately, and send the template along with hair-samples from other parts of your scalp.

Finished – done – when the template is received at, their expert craftsmen will record this data for future use, and design a perfectly-fitting superior quality men’s hair toupee exclusively for you.

When wearing this, you will totally forget your baldness for sure!

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How to Apply Knot Sealer

People who use lace hair systems often encounter hair shedding problem. Today let’s introduce an easy great method to reduce hair shedding – knot sealer. A Knot sealer is designed to coat the knot to help it stay tight on a lace hair system. It will help to prevent hair shedding and extend the lifespan of the lace system. Let’s see how to apply the knot sealer.

1. Apply knot sealer immediately after the lace hair system is cleaned but before it is re-fixed onto the head.

2. Turn your lace system inside out. Put it on top of a mannequin head. Stand 6-8 inches away from the mannequin and protect your eyes and nose from the liquid spray.

3. Spray one layer evenly over the lace surface area with approx. 10 pumps all around, concentrating at the hairline, top of the head, and nape of neck where most people comb more often, and as a result lose more hair.

4. Wait for 5 minutes or so for the first layer to air dry.

5. Repeat the process with the second thin layer of the knot sealer.

6. Wait for 10 minutes for the second layer to air dry.

7. Now it’s done and the lace hair system can be reattached to the head.

If you rely on a hair care professional to apply your unit, be sure to provide them with your knot sealer and instructions on how to use it.

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Hair loss and baldness has become a common threat to people. Baldness which was rare sign at early stages of life has now become general thing. Today many young people face the problem of baldness. Hair loss sometimes can cause complete baldness and sometimes partial baldness is also a cause. Mainly the baldness is problem with males.
Numerous ways and options are available to cover baldness like hair grafting, various hair loss products and wigs. According to the suitability the respective hair loss product is chosen by the person. Any way chosen should be considered after making the suitable research. Because, ultimately one who would be benefiting or who would be at loss will be the one who will use any of the method. Wigs or full hair coverage caps are most popular product in present. Other methods call for more investment of time and money and hence majority prefers the wigs and hair systems, which again comprises of variety of options.
It is a hair cover used generally by the bald people to cover the baldness. The wigs cover complete head and you will get variety of wigs in the market. People who are partial bald or complete bald both uses the wigs to cover it, as baldness makes man look ugly.
The wigs in market are available with various quality and style, so one has the option to choose amongst all the options. Wigs are way too costly for some, so while buying wigs one should make judicial choice.
For some custom made wigs would be a safer deal while some can benefit from the readymade wigs. People who are suffering from temporary baldness or hair loss they can use pre made wigs but those who are suffering from permanent hair loss they can always go for custom made wigs.
Though always custom made wigs are suggested but it is understandable that always using custom made wigs is not the right choice as it depends on what are the individual requirements. If the custom made wigs have room open for the different styling then ready to wear wigs too come with various variety. These days full base and front lace ready to wear wigs are available which is used by many celebrities to try out new looks. So, ready to wear wigs too never fall short of option. Where if one thinks that wigs are only used to hide the baldness then it is not the right perspective because wigs are also used for styling and by people who want to try different look but simultaneously fear damaging the original hair, they can always
Custom made wigs are made according to individual needs and after measuring the head size while pre made are already available one just have to adjust the wig on head. Pre made wigs are sold without any customization made. They are made with the specified size and with the pre decided base material and one can’t make alterations in the same.
– Custom made hair system or wig takes long to get prepared and people who are with urgent need of wig doesn’t find it suitable to wait for long and for such pre made wigs are the best option.
– Readymade wigs are easier to use and are convenient too.
– In case if readymade wigs are used for styling purposes then one can easily change readymade wigs but same will not be the case with custom wigs. Custom wigs are attached properly.
– Bonding the custom made system too is not an easy task because it has to be done with adhesives and tape. Therefore, people who plan to go for custom made wigs finds and at the same time if they want to use it for temporary basis then custom made wig is not right option. Instead ready to wear wig should be preferred. Ready to wear wigs has to be tied easily without use of anything as such.
– Both read to wear and custom made wigs have variety of options, so in that sector any type of wig is suggestible. These days the pre made wigs come with fiber hair instead of natural hair they are easy to take care and maintain. In fact even after long the fiber hair do not lose the natural shine and luster, and there is no extra care is needed to be taken. Simple washing and condition would be enough.
Well, people who go for custom wigs are looking for comfort basically. Because custom hair wigs can be made according to personal whim and fancies. Alteration to length, style and base can be made. Color can choose in custom made wigs but same would never be possible with readymade wigs.
Maintenance of both customs made wigs and pre made wigs differ. As ready to wear wigs are not attached to head with any kind of adhesive so using any solvent to clean the surface or how to clean the scalp will not be problem. While in ready to wear wigs one will have to take care of right shampoo, conditioning products and other hair and styling products. Ready to wear wig can be detached easily so it can be washed separately.
Though life of any wig depends on the quality of material used to construct it still ready to wear or pre made wigs have longer life term. The life of wig is highly dependent on the care you take. When the life of custom made wig is compared to ready to wear wig then it is much shorter because the former lasts for only around 5 to 6 months while if you have fast lifestyle then it will be only for around 3 months. So, it is always suggested that buy two set of wigs which can be used alternatively for longer life.

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Style your hair with Monofilament Wigs

Wigs have the capability to make a woman look beautiful and pretty. People face problem such as hair loss, damaged hair. Such hair problem degrades their appearance, even if they are wearing expensive with fashionable accessories. Hair can enhance confidence in an individual. People those who are having good hair do not realize the significance of their hair, but this fact is known by with rough, dry or bad hair. Now, wigs are there for their rescue.

Women with healthy and thick hair can style their hair easily with different style and attract everyone’s attention to the party. It is said that having beautiful hair is a blessing. Women with damaged hair no need to worry as wigs are developed for them. Wigs are type of caps that covers the head with hair. Wigs are made from different material such as animal hair, human hair, or synthetic fibers. Some are also made from synthetic fibers of high quality that have a natural hair look. If you are allergic to animals than it is best to select a human hair wig for you. Actors to portray different characters in shows or movies also use wigs to get into different characters. Hairs can change your appearance to a great extend. However, it is essential that you choose a perfect wig for your hair. Not all the wigs will suit your face cut. Hence, you should be careful while purchasing wigs. There are varieties of wigs available that are made from different facial cuts.

It is not always possible to get a new hairstyle for every occasion. However, Wigs can make this possible. If you have a collection of wigs with you, you can look glamorous by setting your hair quickly with different style and surprise people around you. It will save time and money that you waste in salons and parlors before every function. People think that they need adhesive substances and products to fix a wig. It is not true as there are special Glueless Lace Wigs available in the wig stores. While wearing this type of wig, you do not have to use any substances such as glue. Cap of the wig has lace under it that act as the glue. It gives grip to the wig and let it settle on the hair strands perfectly. One does not have to make use of glue removal, as there will not be any glue substance on the hair left after removal of the wig. Human hair wigs will give a natural look. You can also select Monofilament Wigs as they also have many advantages. They are adjustable on the hair. The user can easily place it on their hair.

There are two types of glueless wigs that are full lace wigs and front lace wigs. Both are differently designed. Full lace wig cap has lace in the entire cap. A small piece of crown on the cap allows natural growth of hair under it. Front lace wig has placed 2 to 3 inches above the hair strand. The rest of the place is left for new hair to grow. The rate of this type of wig is comparatively less than full lace. Both the lakes are ideal selections as they are the glue less. Their use also reduces hair fall as they are not damaged or pulled.

Different hairstyles that are created using wigs are Sky hairstyle, pixie cut, side pinned bangs, and side fringes cut and Marilyn Monroe style. Layered wig is most commonly used as it is among the latest trend.

You can seek help from experts who will let you know the perfect hairstyle wig for you. They will also suggest you with the colors of the wig that will suit your face. They will braid wigs into knots and other styles depending on your requirement. The curled wigs can be attached below natural curl, and you will not recognize the difference if it is done by experts. It would give weight, volume, and length of the hairs. Experts can also trim wigs in different style if you take your long wigs to them. If you want a colored hair then buy from the option of colored wig. It will save you money that you were supposed to waste on coloring them.

Advanced technology that is the internet has made buying wigs easier for you. You can visit the online store of wig rather than searching for wigs at a local salon and shops. Web sites offer a wide range of colored and non-colored wig. You will also find all information related to them. Pictures and price are displayed in the sites and catalogs that make your work simpler. You can view wigs from every angle and sides. Select wigs that would suit your face and is in your budget. Online stores also offer special discounts on wigs at various occasions. Therefore, do not worry whether it is a party season or wedding season your hairs will be ready for it. Wigs will reach your place in one to two days from the day of order. Moreover, you can style your hairs in different ways that you could not do with your damaged and weak hair. Using wigs is among the modern trend, so you should not feel shy if you are using one. From online store, you can also get Monofilament Wigs.

Regular maintenance of wigs would increase their shelf life. Wigs are similar to natural hairs. They need to be taken care in the same way. They require more caring as they do not get the nourishment like natural hair. You use safe products that are specially designed for the conditioning of wigs. Properly maintained will extend the life of wigs to up to six months.

You should limit the use of heating and other styling products on your hair. They are the reason behind damaged hair. Use alternative that is wigs that look as natural as natural hairs. Collect different style of wigs that you can later use for styling your hair.


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Monofilament Human Hair Wigs: a remedy to all major hair problems

Hair cut is a particular sector among the beauty segment that is going to give one a perfect look. It is the sector that is going to make one a style icon above all. One may will to change the styles at random to have the perfectly attractive looks. To get that, one may need to go throughseveral haircuts in a month. There is a quick solution for them, by which she can change the looks every time without a haircut. There are other reasons too, for which one may need a perfect hair dressing frequently.

Reasons for Hair wig


Women, who love to be a style icon and frequently have to visit the parlor for that reason, may easily opt for varieties wigs. Along with the savings in cost, one may save the time as well. The dress up for any party or for any official meeting is the primary area of personality trait. The wigdoes the best to make one come up with a dignified personality. In the nest meeting or party, she may be looking for a casual look, and therefore a change is required. The frequent changes can be easily adapted by using a wig. This is a perfect choice to get the best and random look at random meets.

There are women also who longs for lengthy hair, but due to some or other reason is missing it. There are also some women, who are looking for a temporary short hair, and are puzzled about what to do in that case. Monofilament Human Hair Wigs is the perfect solution in such cases. This will serve the purpose easily and cost effectively too. The new look is sure to give a list of admiration in the coming parties or the official meetings. After going through all those details, one must be wondering about the styles and specialties among the variety of wigs, as knowledge before making the decision of use.

Varieties in Hair wig

While discussing about the varieties of the wigs, there are two basic areas to distinguish between each. The first one is the looks, and the second one is the style or composition of the wigs. The features of the hair wig are to be discussed separately. The styles of the hair wig are as follows:

  • The wigs are different according to the length of it. They can be long till shoulder height, or easily can be as long as the back height. They are also found in bob cut or in some Japanese looking cuts also. The Japanese hair looks are perfectly short height and are very much easy to be handled. This is best for them, who are having a bald type haircut. Women who like the casual looks in the parties and celebration parties favor this type of wig more than the few other wigs. These wigs are generallyMonofilament Human Hair Wig, but some of them are hand woven also.


  • The wigs are of different on the basis of the complexion also. There are blonde looking wig and there are also grey or brownish wig. Black wig is also common, but the reddish wigs are very much rare. There are wigs of multiple colors also, but they are generally used by those who are going to the playing field to support a team, or going to a party for hitting the dance floor. The compositions are also different, based on the trend of the users. The wigs with back-lace are much common among the users.
  • The style difference is also there in the hair wig. Some of them are long and straight-cut. Among the different styles, there are some curly long Monofilament Human Hair Wigs too. The short heights are most of the time straight and are grand look providers. The casual looking hair wigs are of different patterns. Some of them are having loop end, and some are having ear closing loops. This style makes the hair wig absolutely innovative to ensure best outlook of the user. The spiky style is also there among the new and short height wigs. They make the looks of the woman perfectly grooming in the parties and in the college meets. The long cuts are best for offices and for official meetings.

Usage of the wigs: the occasions

A user who needs to wear a wig rarely or very often generally uses them at some specific occasions. The occasions where the use of the wig is much frequent are as follows:

  • The parties and the casual fests are such a kind of the occasions, where every woman likes to place themselves perfectly and in an innovative way. The wigs are perfect to be used there. The wigs are best for casual look and for getting the best accomplishment from the friends and members.


  • The office looks must be smart and pretty. The dignified personality is needed there, where the official look is very much urgent. To be seated on the most demanding seat there is more important than anything thiswill turn the personality an authenticating one in the office and in the meeting.


  • The smart looking Monofilament Human Hair Wigs are best for the daily life. The wig is perfect for the casual dress up. Any casual or formal dress up fits with this category of wigs and thus one can easily get rid of the different aspects while using the wigs.

The features of wig

Among all other wigs, the Monofilament Human Hair Wigs is the most perfect one for daily use. The wig is light weight and hand woven. Since they are hand woven, the wigs are best fit for the skull. The ear lasses and the loops at the ear-end are very much perfect to give the best appearance in the parties or office meets. The best thing here is the cap less feature in it. This helps to make the wig made on a single piece. Along with the increase in longevity of the wig,the comfort of the skull is also enhanced by this. The airy nature and the air passing techniques applied make the wig perfect to be used throughout the year.


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Weight Loss and Hair Loss Solutions Without Any Side Effects

Dealing with excess weight is always a concern, irrespective of any gender. However, in the case of women, increasing weight and obesity is more than just a passing concern. Though both the gender should be aware of the increasing weight, in case of women, the problem has to be dealt with from the onset so that things don’t go out of hand. Since, a woman’s body reacts to hormonal changes in weird ways, it is necessary to keep a tab on the same and see to it that too much of fluctuation is not present. That is why doctors advise for weight loss as quickly as possible, when the first signs of being overweight is recognized.
But, as many women face and complain in the long run, weight loss is not an easy thing to do. First of all because when women start putting on weight, most of them are unaware of the cause of it. That it can be due to hormonal imbalance does not even cross the mind. It is proved only when things tend to spin out of control and the body shows signs that are not medically right that a visit to the doctor happens and certain tests are prescribed.
Weight gain in many women is also accompanied by hair loss, which is yet another sign of hormonal imbalance. Oblivion to the internal causes, many women often tend to go into depression, not being able to find a correct solution to hair loss or weight loss. Visiting the gym or going for costly hair implants will only provide temporary solution to the problem. What generally is required is a long term solution. A healing process that has to take place from within and which targets the hormones at the root. Once the hormones are dealt with correctly, things are likely to fall in place.
Thankfully, there are some companies who are providing a solution to these twin problems. What they offer is a balanced program for weight loss that assures there is no need to follow a strict diet or go for back breaking exercise. This kind of program aims at increasing the fat burning or diuretic hormone known as progesterone. This hormone also decreases the cravings and balances out oestrogen, the hormone which is responsible for storing fat. The hormone balancing program will also stabilize the insulin and blood sugar levels, thus allowing the body to use the stored body fat for fuel instead of burning sugar.
Companies providing such weight loss programs also provide solutions to hair loss problem as well. The reference to costly hair plugs or the use of minoxidil is not administered. Rather what is provided as the solution is the use of FDA approved gentle hair laser. The use of this laser treatment increases microcirculation to each hair follicle. However, the laser treatment alone is not sufficient. This is combined with natural hormone balancing and some topical products. The result includes less hair loss, hair growth, increased thickness of each hair strand, increased luster and manageability of hair and increased strength of each hair strand.
So, with easy solutions available at hand and which are completely safe, you just need to find a center that offers you both under the same roof.

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Your hair ends break, your fine hair are flat, your fine hair tangled in short you have fine hair and you do not leave you. you book his tricks to overcome the drawbacks of fine hair!
Your beauty care
It teaches you anything, make masks from time to time is good for the health of your hair, it is still necessary to choose the right products. Henna, for example, is a plant whose leaves, powdered form a texture applied on the hair and good for their maintenance. The aim is not to color your hair but to treat them, prefer neutral henna red henna. To achieve your mask, mix the henna powder with hot water and let stand. After 20 to 30 minutes, surprise your mane is as dense as that of Shakira, almost!

Another miracle product, clay. If your hair tends to lubricate the ideal remains green clay. Apply your mask for a minimum of 15 minutes. Then, take your normal shampoo to wash your hair every clay deposits. Finally, last advice not taken lightly: avoid products sold in supermarkets full of silicone. If at first your hair give you the impression of being brighter and denser, all is illusion. So underlying your hair become brittle, break and make you sick! Say goodbye to the mane of Rapunzel.

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