Feather Weight Latest Ladies Wigs Facilitate Assorted Hairstyles Upon Your Head!

When you come across anyone with a beautifully done hair-style, invariably you heave a sigh, whether you can also do such alluring style with your available hair. But the stark reality is otherwise. You realize in a quick moment that either your thin hair growth or insufficient length would not permit such experiments.

If this is the situation in your case, you need not worry at all. You can buy a hoard of different categories of Human Hair Wigs for Women online from hairbro.com in a jiffy; fix it upon your scalp yourself; make the hair-do you have been dying for, and step out to conquer the world out there.

You can make this happen as if like magic, with hairbro.com Human Hair Wigs for women manufactured with technology upgrades. Now let’s see how this is made possible.


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Getting a brand new look using top quality wigs available online just for you

A wig is defined as a head covering devised from human hair, synthetic fiber or animal hair. It is worn in fashion and has many other applications. Many cultures and traditions also observe wearing of wigs as a regular practice. The origin of the word wig can be traced to the word periwig. This had first appeared in the year 1675. Many people use wigs. Some do it to cover baldness. Being a cheaper alternative and a less expensive cure for baldness, it is very popular. Medical surgeries can often prove to be very expensive in curing baldness; hence, this is a very well used product. Many people use such products as a cure for baldness. This is not as intrusive as medical surgeries. Many actors and actresses often wear such wigs to enact characters.
The Usage of wigs during ancient time
The usage of wigs can be traced back to ancient Egyptian times. They used to wear the products to shield their heads. Most of them had shaved their heads or were bald. Their wigs were held in place by an adhesive known as deeswax. They sometimes also used to use resin. The Romans invasion of the West brought wigs into existence in that part of the world. After they left, their use reduced considerably. Its usage came back in the 16th century. This was primarily for people who were facing hair loss. This was also used to improvise on one’s look. Another problem that existed at that time was lice. Because of unmaintained hair, lice were a very common problem. This resulted in hygiene issues. The most common solution to this was to shave off the hair and wear artificial wigs. Various kinds of wigs were prevalent at that time. Fur wigs were also very popular. The wig lengths found in today’s world are generally of normal length. However, in the year 1660, shoulder length or longer wigs came into fashion. These wigs were designed to imitate the long length of hair of men from the year 1620. The wearing of wigs gained its fashionable entry into the English court as well.
In the olden days, wearing wigs was a matter of status ad rank. In addition, wigmakers were a sought after breed. The wigmakers from the 17th century were very skilled. They required making wigs, which were long and flowing down the back and chest. Obviously, such wigs were more expensive to make and manufacture. In the absence of current technologies, these wigs were heavy and cumbersome to wear. They were also expensive to manufacture. Some of the best wigs in those days were made form natural human hair. The rest was made from goats or horses. These were the cheaper alternatives.
Gradually wigs evolved. In the 18th century, the white color wigs came into existence. They were powdered to give them that effect. The powder used in wigs was made from finely ground starch and was scented. They had different colors associated with them from violet, blue, orange and green. The women in the French court in the 18th century also were wigs. They were elaborate, large and often themed wigs.
In the 18th century, these wigs became shorter and more fashionable with several business people adopting them as part of their daily wear. This is still common in quite a few legal departments. They are regularly worn in Commonwealth. Until the year 1823, bishops of Ireland wore wigs. They were ceremonial in nature. Barristers wearing wigs was inspired by the late eighteenth century.

European armies also wore wigs. Their uniforms were the most fashionable in the armies of the world. Their officers were dressed more for boardroom meetings than for battle. Such was their fashion sense. The fashion changes between civilians prompted the army officers to change their styles. From long and elaborate wigs to short ponytailed ones, they mimicked the latest in fashion in the 18th century. While officers could afford to grow wigs, the rank and infantry was not allowed to wear wigs. They used to grow long hair and tie them up neatly. This was part of the army uniform.

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Care For Your Customs Wigs In A Proper Way This Summer Season

Custom wigs are widely used by the women across the globe to stay in tune with fashion. Custom wigs offer much more than making than style statement and boosting confidence. It lends a distinctive kind of charm to the whole and saves one from gruesome sessions of trying out in new styles. They are mainly manufactured through two main ingredients either the human or animal hair or highly industrial quality and prolific synthetic wigs. A custom wig like the human hair has to be cared and processed throughout the year to keep their shine and glow intact. Summer season is the most difficult to deal with when it comes to using the custom wigs. There are simple precautions and measures which have to be used by the women to keep their wigs in most perfect condition.
Simple Custom Care Tips And Advice
Custom wigs
Choose A Short Custom Wig For Summer
Choosing the proper and right custom wig for your hair is an important task. Professionals stress on the fact that user opt for such a short style wig which keeps the hair off the shoulders. In summer season the long hair sprawling down the back has the tendency to keep the person warm and produce more sweat. Though women like long hair wigs but it is comfortable wearing in the winter season. For the winter stay on the safe side with short custom wigs which offers less sweat and more freedom of movement.
Wash Frequently After Few Wearing
In the summer season it is advisable to wash the custom wigs after four or five wears. Sweat usually tends to enter the wigs within few wearing in the summer season. Washing regularly will help in removing the foul accumulation which tends to increase due to perspiration. In order to give proper care to your custom wigs use appropriate shampoos and conditioners designed for both the synthetic and human custom wigs.
Don’t Forget To Wash Your Scalp
All the attention is given to the proper upkeep of the custom wigs but women forgets about their scalp and hair. It is necessary after every wear and between the bonds women should practice using the scalp fresheners in order to keep the scalp refreshed and nourished. The build of adhesive, oil and perspiration by the custom wigs can lead to irritation and foul odor in the scalp which has to be eliminated at the earliest. Henceforth use the shampoos and scalp refreshers to keep your scalp irritation free and nourished.
Use Long Hair Wigs With Precautions
Still you can use the long hair wigs in summer season but proper precaution has to be used. Use the hair ties and hair clips in hand in case you start feeling too warm while using it. And you can even look out for different styles with which hair custom wigs can be used in the warm weather.
Different Hair Accessories To Use
Wig can easily be accessorized with a large number of products which can help in staying cool in summer. A simple floppy sun hat or a summer scarf can be worn around the hair to protect in from the sun in summer.
Use Color Control Products To Eliminate Fading
Most of the custom hair wigs fade away with time either due to repeated use or with the effect of direct sunlight. However there are certain color control products which can help in increasing the life custom hair wigs. Color control products are designed to control the fading of the wigs in a genuine fashion. In other words wig shampoos and enhancers slow down the oxidation process which ultimately lowers the lifespan of the wigs.
Avoid Certain Conditions And Situations
Women should ensure that they keep away from certain heat sources like the oven, boiling pot, hair dryer or curling iron. These hot items have the tendency to cause some severe and permanent damage to the wig. These items can damage all kinds of custom hair wigs either they are made up of synthetic or human or animal hair.
Following all the above simple and easier tips you can take care of custom hair wigs with confidence; it will help in increasing the life of the wigs.

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The bald facts about diet: to avoid hair loss, you need meat

Is your crowning glory looking a little lacklustre? Before you dig into hair products and treatments, examine first what’s on your plate. What fuels our body and mind are also key factors for hair health.

“Eating a healthy, balanced diet and avoiding excessive stress, extreme diets and fast weight loss are vital in maintaining healthy hair growth,” says Lisa Caddy, a certified trichologist with Philip Kingsley, a leading authority in hair and scalp health from London.

The irony: what many people think of as a healthy diet – that is, mainly consisting of fruit and vegetables, with minimal protein and calories – often doesn’t include all the elements needed for optimum hair growth, Caddy says.

To function at their best, the cells in the hair and throughout the body need a balance of proteins, complex carbohydrates, iron, vitamins and minerals.

Meats, especially red meats, are particularly important because they’re the richest sources of ferritin, a stored iron that helps the body produce hair cell protein.

“If you have a [ferritin] deficiency, the growth of hair cells can be badly affected … vegans, vegetarians, and those who choose not to eat red meats are most susceptible. This is especially true of menstruating women,” says Caddy, who adds that ferritin deficiency is by far the most common cause of hair loss in women.

Lisa Caddy, certified trichologist

Dr Zoe Draelos, a dermatologist practising in North Carolina and a fellow of the American Academy of Dermatology, says vegetarians need to supplement their diet with other complete, or whole, sources of protein, such as cheese, milk and yogurt.

Complete proteins are those that contain all the essential amino acids that our diets need. Some proteins in vegetables are not complete sources of protein, says Draelos. Taking multivitamins will not make up for a lack of dietary protein.

Avoiding calories altogether has an even greater detrimental effect on hair. Though hair cells are among the fastest growing cells in the body, they will usually be the first to suffer when you don’t eat enough because they are not vital to survival.

“Crash diets literally starve your follicles of vital nutrients and energy, and can cause many hairs at once to prematurely enter the shedding phase of the cycle,” says Caddy. “Nutrients will always first be sent to parts of your body that really need them – like your heart – and only then, if there’s enough left over, will your hair benefit.”

Hongkongers’ high-stress lifestyles aren’t doing their hair health any favours either.

“Stress can, through a convoluted route, cause or worsen hair loss and hair thinning in some individuals. It can also cause or trigger flare-ups of dandruff, which has been proven to worsen hair loss in some instances,” says Caddy. She will be in town this month to conduct a series of consultations and workshops on the right diet and lifestyle for optimum hair and scalp health.

Dr Flor Mayoral, a clinical instructor in the departments of dermatology and cutaneous surgery at University of Miami’s Miller School of Medicine, believes that stress may be the primary reason for unexplained hair loss.

It’s normal to lose about 80 to 100 hairs a day. But sudden excessive hair shedding, or telogen effluvium, can occur up to three months after a stressful event.

Life-changing events such as childbirth or surgery also can cause hair loss. Mayoral explains that during these times, the body takes a “time-out” from growing hair to concentrate on recovery and healing. Hair growth slows and some hairs could shed and not grow back right away.

After the initial hair loss, hair usually grows back in six to nine months.

Hair loss is a normal response to stress, says Mayoral, but patients should see a dermatologist for proper evaluation to rule out other medical causes.

In general, hair is a good indicator of a person’s overall health, Draelos says. She says examining our hair is like looking at tree rings – it’s an indication of what’s happened in the past.

The good news is that hair loss as a result of a bad diet or deficiency will correct itself once the underlying cause is put right, Caddy says. The same goes for hair loss following stress, pregnancy or illness.

“These are termed ‘temporary’,” she says. “The hair follicle is still active and has not been damaged.”

Caddy recommends the Trichotherapy holistic hair and scalp regime an as “extremely effective” treatment for most types of hair loss.

She says the therapy addresses reduced density from all angles: externally, with a protein spray that strengthens and plumps the hair shaft; via the scalp with stimulating, anti-androgenic drops; and internally through supplements that give hair the nutrients it needs.

Hair loss that involves a gradual reduction in the diameter and length of individual strands is usually influenced by genetics, Caddy says. Called “follicle miniaturisation”, it’s due to hair follicles being genetically predisposed to be sensitive to normal levels of circulating male hormones, known as androgens.

This type of hair loss tends to always be less aggressive in women because they naturally have lower levels of testosterone than men.

“Risk of having follicle miniaturisation is increased when your mother, father or either grandparent had hair thinning,” says Caddy. “However, it can be traced back much further in the family tree.”

Crash diets literally starve your follicles of vital nutrients and energy

Caddy speaks from experience. She inherited her mother’s fine hair and showed “noticeable thinning” after turning 40; the stress from a family bereavement a few years ago caused a considerable amount of shedding.

“All of a sudden, I was aware of being able to see my scalp more, which sent me into panic mode,” she says. “I knew this excessive shedding would stop and the hairs would be replaced, but it became obvious I had inherited the gene for pattern hair loss.” Asian hair usually has a thick diameter with a perfectly round shape, Caddy says, making it the strongest hair type. Asians also have the longest hair growth cycle – up to nine years, or roughly twice as long as other hair textures. With a longer growth cycle, the shedding rate should be less – meaning fewer than 100 hairs shed daily.

Women with genetic pattern hair loss can reverse the condition through both oral and topical anti-androgens, she says. For men, it can be slowed by applying topical drops, but cannot be reversed unless a hair transplant is performed.

Unfortunately, people with scarring hair loss cannot reverse their condition, except through surgery such as skin expansion, says Caddy. Irreversible hair loss could be caused by autoimmune diseases or external injury such as chemical burns or traction (hair pulling).

“In these instances, the hair follicle is scarred or completely lacking, and unable to produce hair,” she says.

Advancements in science, however, offer new hope to the follicularly challenged. In a recent study published in PLOS One, scientists from Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute in California used human pluripotent stem cells to generate new hair in mice.

Says researcher Alexey Terskikh, associate professor in the Development, Ageing and Regeneration Programme at Sanford-Burnham: “Our stem cell method provides an unlimited source of cells from the patient for transplant and isn’t limited by the availability of existing hair follicles.”

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Renowned Manufacturers Announce Data Transformation Facility!

Wig manufacturers were producing prototype Wigs for usage by assorted customers and hair loss sufferers. These Wigs by their manufacturing process were of substandard quality, for the main reason that the measurements of the scalp of the end-users were not available at the manufacturer’s end, and they had to rely upon “guess work” for this. The announcement made today by Hairbro.com, the popular hair replacement system manufacturers online has been a breakthrough achievement, and comes as good news for hair loss sufferers worldwide.

A Wig is a devise of attaching hair follicles or synthetic yarns in the place of human hair upon a linen cloth base, and supplied to those people suffering from the hair loss problems including premature baldness. With these Wigs the user can cover their scalp after getting the Wig fixed by salon crew or assistants in a beauty parlor. The off-the-shelf Wigs were of almost the same sizes and hair-color, as well as not up to the mark in other parameters like density, length and hair direction etc.
The salon crew adjusts the Wig to the length and breadth of the user’s scalp, and attaches the Wig with hairpins and such other tools. Yet these Wigs were the only solution for those sufferers of premature baldness, to conceal the awkward appearance of barren scalp at the prime age, and thereby manage to come out of the psychological inferiority complex.
The defects and deficiencies existed in these Wigs were arising out of the manufacturer’s inability, to get the details of the individual measurements of the end-user’s scalp, and their craftsman had to depend upon only “approximation” for these parameters.
Hairbro.com has found a perfect solution for these shortcomings, with the use of upgraded technology. As per the announcement made today, Hairbro.com helps each and every customer visiting their site requiring a most-fitting and perfect hair replacement system, men’s toupee, hair pieces and women’s wigs, to transform the precise details taken pertaining to their scalp, into a data-base permanently.
The announcement explains that the prospective customer is exhaustively guided with the full details of the hair replacement systems, their varieties and different categories and provides extensive options for the customer, on all aspects like Hair Base type, color, length, texture, density and hair direction etc. with the details published clearly at their site.
With this guidance, the customers can exercise their option to select the one from the stock items of hair replacement systems, or the ones exclusively customized for their use. In the case of customization, the customer is guided as how to take the measurements of the head in different angles, through step-by-step illustration photographs.
These measurements can be drawn into a plastic sheet as Template, and sent back to Hairbro.com as their database. This database is kept as permanent information for the craftsmen to evolve, design and supply the best-fitting, superfine quality hair replacement system, exclusively for the customer’s use. For full details customers can visit http://www.Hairbro.com/

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Natural Remedies to Prevent Hair loss

Hair loss is a very serious problem in people of all ages and nobody in their right sense wants any unwanted loss of hair in anyway. But this growing problem is now seen not only among the elderly ones but also teenagers as well. In order to find a remedy to all these hair loss problems one must have an ample knowledge about the factors that actually trigger this problem and are responsible for it. If the cause is controllable then all you need to do is to stop the cause of it. But if the reasons are not controllable enough then you definitely need to take more care of your hair as well. Now you have known that all remedies will not suit all types of hair. For example a person with fizzy hair will have a different remedy than a person with straight hair.
Main causes of hair loss:

Pollution- Pollution is one of the fore most causes as to why hair loss occurs. If going out is a necessity for you then of course, it is a different issue, but if you go out of fun, then it needs to stop as because dirt particles affect hair in the most adverse possible manner.
Applying wrong type of chemicals- If you are not sure about the chemical product that you are using and you find your hair is falling fast then consider it high time to change your product. Remember, sometimes the loss becomes irreparable if it starts damaging your scalp as well as the hair roots embedded in it.
Wrong processes of using a comb- People who do not know how to use a comb properly are actually the ones who have to face major hair loss problems. So it is necessary that you know the right procedure of combing your hair.
Some useful Natural remedies to cure hair loss:
Use oil in your hair regularly- There are many people who think using oil in the hair is a totally backdated thing. But one must know that it is actually healthy for the hair to have oil applied to it as it gets the useful minerals and proteins from the oil. But remember you should not use any oil and it is best to use the non sticky coconut oils so that you do not feel uncomfortable after using it. A lot of people have stated that after using oil, their hair loss problems have reduced to a great extent.
Try to cover your hair up whenever you move out- This is necessary as because dust and dirt particles in the air stick to the hair and male them heavy thereby loosening them from the hair roots. But of you cover your head with headbands, caps or stoles then your hair will retain the glossy and shiny look and there will be much less hair fall.
Apply organic products that will help in strengthening your hair- When you go out to buy the hair products, then search for the ones with purely organic ingredients so that when you use it you can be assured that there will be no occurrence of side effects on your hair which is indeed a relief. It also causes a lot less hair fall unlike the other ones, whose presence of chemical ingredients may cause an adverse reaction on your hair.
While going to bed, tie your hair neatly so that the ends of the hairs do not get split- If you sleep keeping your hair open then it might happen that while you toss and turn, some hair strands may get pulled and become loose. So when in the morning you will get up you will see hair strands on your bed that have fallen.
Get rid of dandruff- Dandruff is one of the reason reasons of hair fall and it is a real pest during the winter season. So in order to remove dandruff all you have to do is to apply half a cup of lime juice on your scalp and massage it for about fifteen minutes. You will be able to feel the difference within days of using it.

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Some references about Hair Loss disorder

Just close your eyes and think what catches your eyes when you see a man or woman in front. Automatically your glance registers that figure from the head downwards. Supposing if that head is bare and without hair, it would be an awful sight. Understandably, if that man or woman is a grand old person of above 80 years, looking completely with a bald head is quite normal. What if that person is looking young, say about 25 or so in age, but the head is bald or with fragile hair follicles here and there?
You are not the only person who makes the other one to feel shy about your curious glance, but day in and day out this predicament is haunting them like anything. Wherever they go, the surprising looks follow them causing unbearable mental torture, to curse inwardly why they have been so unlucky.
There are different dimensions to this hair loss situation. Some may have premature baldness, where the skin over the scalp is gleaming without any trace of hair. Some will have hair growth on the backside only, leaving the entire upper portion of the scalp bare. Still some will have hair at the temples and the sides only. But the total appearance will project that person as if with a bald head.
This type of disorder is due to the malfunctioning of the body’s metabolism; and non-secretion or insufficient secretion of the enzymes and hormones that are responsible for normal growth of hair, over the scalp skin of the body. Medical fraternity attributes this premature baldness squarely on hereditary reasons, where the genetics have been transferred from their forefathers, right on birth.
Hair growth is a body function that takes place during the younger years, along with the growth of other organs. So you can’t see any difference when the person crosses the age group of 10 to 20 years, when the baldness will not appear. However, symptoms will be there with scanty growth of hair, not thick and dense as it should be for others in that age group. Even that scanty growth will vanish, with the fall of hair follicles regularly while combing. Result is around 25 years the person will realize the hard fact of premature baldness.
There are other cases of hair loss. All of a sudden even for persons with normal hair growth, the hair loss due to heavy falling of hair follicles will occur. This is a fine example of the malfunctioning of the body’s metabolic system. The person will blink as to why there is such a heavy fall of hair and run to medical aid. After several tests and examinations, the medical fraternity will find out this is the case of malfunctioning of hormones secretion.
In some other cases, the hair fall will be acute, if the person undergoes medical treatment for cancer, like radiation and chemotherapy, or attacked by certain diseases like viral fever etc. Hair growth will become normal again only if the person is young, and in all other cases the chances of regaining hair growth is very bleak.
Some other cases are also there that the skin over the scalp gets infection or attack of some viruses, whereby hair-loss will continue unabated, leaving some “patches” at random places of the scalp to remain and other places looking barren.

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Cancer: “I was able to offer me a decent wig, this is not the case of all”

“Is what I’ll keep my hair?” When the specialists to diagnose cancer in 2012, the first question that comes from the mouth of Corinne concerns her long brown hair. “When the doctor answers your questions with the proposed treatment protocol, there is no chance of not to lose, you are devastated,” she recalls.

This charming 50-year-old woman remembers the advice of his entourage: “Do you cut short before they fall, the shock will be less”. Corinne, it does “felt not”. “I saw it as a double penalty: I was going to lose my hair and, before that, having to get used to a ‘forced’ cut ‘, loose. Finally, she cut herself hair, one morning, with scissors found in his kitchen. “I looked like nothing, but my hair became very dry because of the treatment of horse that I had itched horribly.

When you get to this stage, paradoxically, all cut is a deliverance.” “We lose a bit her face” “In addition, when you are sick, is not the impression that we are going to find his ‘real’ head a day. It feels gray, ugly, it loses a bit her face, it is hard to recognize, explains Corinne. But I had the chance to meet some amazing people at the Hôpital Européen Georges-Pompidou, there was even an association who accompanied us, we advised and offered us aesthetic care.” And then there is the purchase of the wig. 125 euros reimbursed by social security, it is not enough for it to be both comfortable and above suspicion. “I had the ‘chance’ to buy what suited me, a wig for 600 euros, which, not itched, and gave a very natural result, explains Corinne.

This is not the case for all women.” It is to them that she thought after his remission. Need to turn the page on the disease, but also to find a way to help. “You know, my wig could be used for someone else” One summer, while she was styling by Lucia Iraci, she throws him: “you know, my wig could be used for someone else now”. “I was very surprised, because I always care for sick people and I had never heard it,” remembers the hairdresser, also President of the Josephine association for the beauty of women, offering aesthetic treatments to the most deprived. “The idea has remained in a corner of his head for weeks, before that evidence is necessary. “When you live with the RSA cannot afford a decent wig, first prices start at 500 euros!”

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How a Best Hair Replacement System Gets Its Shape?

All over the world there are millions of sufferers from hair loss problem. In the case of men, the hair loss problem is so acutely affecting their personal pride, by the shabby appearance of their head in public. But here is great relief provided for the hair loss problem sufferers from hairbro.com, by supplying them super duper best hair replacement system that will fit perfectly over their scalp, and make a handsome appearance of an original hair style.
Details of different hair loss problems:

Hair loss is a problem plaguing the mankind for generations. When there is no normal hair growth over the scalp, as the case with normal people, it makes an abnormal appearance. The hair growth factor is controlled by hormones secreted by glands in the human body metabolism.
When a child grows up to the age of 18 to 20 years, this hair growth is very normal generally. Only after this age, all problems start because of the malfunctioning of the body system. The hair growth is either very thin, or no density in the hair flocks, the length is unusually very short or empty portions appear (premature baldness), as if in the heads of persons of 70 or 80 years.
Sometimes people suffer from some severe illnesses, and thereby their hair over the scalp falls heavily in volumes creating an empty space in patches over the scalp. Whatever reason is behind these hair loss cases, the result is one that is that the scalp looks empty and barren without hair. All these cases are categorized as hair loss sufferers.

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The process behind celebrity wigs

The expert craftsmen at hairbro.com confide with us that there is no special process involved for evolving a wig, as ordinary wig or celebrity wig. In the case of stage artists, cine artists, or TV show performers, the need for the hair-style is planned well ahead, when once the play is finalized. After fixing the artist who is going to perform the role, the exact measurements of the person’s scalp is designed on a Template and sent to hairbro.com.
The Template details along with the specifications and stipulations, as required by the wearer of the wig are scrupulously followed, at all the manufacturing stages of the particular wig. In the case of celebrity wigs, special attention is being paid in making the wig in feather weight, using finest quality imported materials like French Lace, and hand-weaving the specified color, length and texture of human hair or excellently processed and bleached Remy Human Hair upon the lace.
Now you can also order celebrity wigs:

With more than 22 years of experience in the manufacture of hair replacement systems, and supplying super-quality celebrity wigs to assorted artists, celebrities, fashion and advertisement models, hairbro.com is the right source you can depend upon, for any system including celebrity wigs.
You need not have any doubts or apprehensions for selecting the splendidly perfect hair replacement system for men and chick-looking women’s wigs. Just visit hairbro.com and you will get all the education, tips and guidance for coming to the right decision, with regard to the hair system you need.
If you want to get a super-fine celebrity wig, the inside tip is you go for lace-based wigs – either full base for men or front-lace wigs for women. In the women’s wigs, you get lots and lots of variations like long wavy brown; long straight black or blonde; European style short and black; or medium brown as the case may be.
Best part is in these high-quality lace-based celebrity wigs, the hair strands are tied to the skin-like lace, which sits snugly and comfortably over the scalp and hair follicles are allowed more air-flow. You can do whatever hair-style imitating your fancied film star; or ladies hair-do the way the world-famous fashion model does. Choice is yours!

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